Our latest print operation is our digital workflow, which utilizes the newest dry toner-based technology from Xeikon and finishing from world renowned AB Graphics. This high-end technology provides brilliant graphics at 1200 dpi with the ability to print on virtually any substrate or material, including films, foils, static cling and paper stocks, with no additional coating of materials. Relm West Digital is an ideal solution for small to medium run products, promotional items, indirect food contact film wrap, mock ups and market samples, variable data files, wine labels and high end graphics. The flexibility of reduced or no set up costs, no plate and art charges and direct from file to print provides excellent turnaround times, low tooling cost and high-end print quality. Download our Relm West Digital (pdf).

Superior Performance Advantages of our Xeikon 3300 Digital Press

  • Variable Repeat Length — no restrictions
  • Width Maximum 13”
  • One Pass opaque white toner on transparent label and film stocks to create “no label look.” Most digital and conventional presses require multiple applications of white to get the desired opacity, resulting in lower productivity and higher operating costs.
  • Xeikon 3300 utilizes most conventional substrates without coatings or pre-treatments. No need for expensive or special digital stocks.
  • Pericles screening library allows higher screening rulings, including imaging resolution of 1200 dpi (with 4bits), resulting in exceptionally sharp and crisp details. This allows us to print micro-text. An in-line densitometer and high performance process algorithms provide uniform and accurate colors and perfect color registration.
  • Maintains uniform and accurate colors with perfect registration through the run and from one job to another.
  • Press has five print stations. Four may be used for standard process (CMYK) and the fifth can be used for applying spot colors for gamut expansion/brand color matching, one pass white toner or a security toner for anti-counterfeiting applications.
  • Xeikon 3300 can utilize an unmatched array of substrates ranging from various pressure sensitive stocks, co-extruded film, unsupported film, paper, transparent and opaque foils as well as paperboard, with weights ranging from 1.6mil to 16 point board stock.
  • The Xeikon 3300 is a truly eco-friendly press. It does not generate any hazardous emissions or VOC’s. The output of the press is fully recyclable. The press is FDA compliant for indirect and direct food contact items.
  • Set up time is minimal, from a typical 60 minutes on a flexographic press to 10 minutes on digital.
  • While most digital presses cannot use metallic inks, the Xeikon 3300 can create metallic tints/effects on metalized substrates by using different CMYK densities.


For information on the proper way to format and submit files for digital printing, please refer to our Digital Art Guidelines (pdf).













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